How Innovative Startups Use Artificial Intelligence to Grow
My first book called Lean AI, which is part of Eric Ries' "The Lean Startup" series and will be published by the good folks at O'Reilly. The book provides practical advice on how to successfully scale your startup’s customer acquisition and revenue growth with a lean team dynamically allocating budgets, pruning creatives, surfacing insights and taking actions autonomously powered by Artificial Intelligence. Go check out Lean AI in early release on the O’Reilly Media learning platform and let me know what you think.

Topics Covered In The Book

LEAN AI consists of 6 parts that provide the framework to successfully leverage lean AI for massive growth in your startup.

AI + Growth Marketing = Smart Marketing

Customer Acquisition 3.0

What Metrics Matter?

Picking the Right Approach

Managing Increased Complexity and Risk

Next Frontier

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About Author

Lomit Patel is the Vice President of Growth at IMVU, responsible for user acquisition, retention and monetization. Prior to IMVU, Lomit managed growth at early stage startups including Roku (IPO), TrustedID (acquired by Equifax), Texture (acquired. by Apple) and Earthlink. Lomit is a public speaker, author, advisor, and recognized as a Mobile Hero by Liftoff.