LEAN AI - Reviews

Lean AI is a masterclass on how to give your startup the best chance of success. This book should be read by everyone involved in funding, leading, and working not just at startups but at every company involved in digital and omnichannel marketing. If you don't read it and your competition does - you will lose. It gives step by step practical and informative best practices on how to harness and leverage the power of AI to grow companies as fast and efficiently as possible. In the coming age of AI, you will either be replaced by machines or you will control them. This book is the career insurance you need to be in the latter group.


Kip Morgan

Head of Customer Acquisition - GOLF.com

The Lean AI gives companies a pragmatic road map for growth in the new age of learning machines. It’s an indispensable, modern guide for any marketing team to know how to measure and manage marketing in the era of big data.


Jim Calhoun

CEO, Nectar9

Lean AI is a Manifesto for Growth in the Artificial Intelligence age. Lomit expertly guides us through the relevant topics and provides a blueprint for successfully leveraging AI in the world of data-driven growth.


Andy Carvell

Co-Founder, Phiture

The modern growth team started with changes to people and process: full-stack teams using experimentation to drive metrics. The next shift includes predictive analytics to better understand causal relationships between user actions and business results, and make product and marketing decisions accordingly. The Lean AI helps bring this potential into focus with practical steps for embracing the power of data.


Naomi Pilosof Ionita

Partner, Menlo Ventures

Lomit has made sure there is something in the book for every type of entrepreneur. Early-stage or growth stage it covers vital aspects of digital marketing optimization with a focus on customer acquisition and growth. Stopping short of calling this a Bible for Start-ups, I will say that this indeed is excellent reference material to have in your collection.


Akbar Lalani

Founder & CEO, Corelead Interactive

This book illustrates the current situation in the mobile performance marketing sector. The time of manual optimization is already gone, and marketers and companies should understand the full power of ML and make it work on them. I can recommend this book for everybody who wants to scale their business to new heights.


Sergey Grytsuk

CMO at Zephyr Mobile

We’ve been impressed with how Lomit embraced AI to transform our user acquisition efforts into a hyper-efficient machine, delivering record growth rates over the past two years. Everyone charged with acquiring customers and driving revenue should give this book a serious read. It’s an indispensable roadmap for today and well into the future.


Kevin Hendshaw


This book does a great job explaining how the next wave of innovative startups will use AI and automation to scale up significantly faster, and why incumbents should be worried.


Grant Lee

COO, ClearBrain

Companies are spending millions of dollars without understanding the true ROI of their marketing investments. With the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, marketers will be able to deepen their understanding of the customer journey and serve them in new, exciting ways. The Lean AI provides a solid foundation for the next generation of marketing automation in the age of intelligent machines.


Shamanth Rao

Founder & CEO, RocketShip HQ